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Core Culture

    Being born, infant, older children to adults, we give thanks to our kindly and amiable parents for gracious rearing and nurturing.
    Making a clear distinction between right and wrong since formative education, we give thanks to our broad and profound teachers for earnest and tireless tuition and instruction.
    Probing realities and their principles, sharing joys and sorrows, we gave thanks to our close and  thoughtful friends for selfishness supports and loves.
    Shedding off sweat and putting our talents to good use, we gave thanks to our prosperous and thriving corporate for reshaping and fostering.
    Leading a happy life in a harmonious society, we gave thanks to our motherland for peace keeping.
    Thanks are given to one who once helped us, it is who helped us discover that life is so full of affection with their lanterns of warm hearts ; 
    Thanks are given to one who received our helps, it is who enable us to expand our kindness further with their unfavorable position;
    Thanks are given to one who whipped us, it is who aroused our fighting wills;
    Thanks are given to one who abandoned us, it is who instructed us to be self-independent;
    Thanks are given to one who sternly rebuked us, it is who gave us both meditation and wisdom;
    Thanks are given to one who hurt us,  it is who tempered our determinations; Thanksgiving is a dialectical looks at questions; Thanksgiving is a comprehensive breadth of mind; without thanksgiving courage, by no means can one accomplish great achievements.
    Cast our gushing-spring thanks in return to water-drop help we received; As top management, we must give our thanks to all employees, who have made continuous contribution to corporate development; As employees, we must give our thanks to the corporate, it is the corporate presence and development we shared enable us to show filial respects to our parents, to better rear our children and our spouse; We thank for we share superb top management; We thank for we hire well qualified employees; We give thanks for qualified employees and colleagues. With thanksgiving in our minds and take good care of other sides, we can shoulder our duties, do our best to work to make our corporate continuously improve. We give thanks to our markets, to our customers, to our suppliers, with thanksgiving in our minds and take good care of others sides, we can get what we demand, can co-develop, can consolidate and expand the life chain of corporate and ourselves; Thanksgiving tells us that nothing is easily got; Thanksgiving will enable us to know “Being innocent & honest as a man, work carefully and seriously”, Sheep kneel down to receive mothers’ feeding to show  their thanks, and , adult crows return to feed their parents to show their thanks. Without thanksgiving, one can not be a real man in world; Without thanksgiving, one can not accomplish great achievements.
    One cannot be life-long smooth, so we have to face all sorts of defeats bravely and handle broad-mindedly. Will we only complain lifelong, and henceforth become depressed and dispirited? Or we give our sincere thanks to life? Fall and then manage to stand up again! If we put a small piece of potassium alum into water, it can precipitate lots of sediments; If we cultivate thanksgiving in ours hearts, we may precipitate many impetuous and restless moods, melt much disaffections and unfortunates. Potable water does not think of the source the human is not a good person with the personal character; An outstanding person is certainly the one who understands how to give his thanks
    We must give our thanks constantly and everywhere. And a corporate growth also needs to promote thanksgiving.
    Only take this article as the standard of our corporate civilization and culture, and declare to all staff and employees.
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